For 2017, Anderson Motor Company and (dba) Rocky Mountain Offroad Tours is offering Exciting New Offroad motorcycle adventures in some of the most spectacular terrain in the Country.

From Singletrack to Dual Sport in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains. We will offer permitted Guided rides on the Rainbow Trail, the Longest Continuous Singletrack motorcycle Trail in Colorado, as well as offering Motorcycle rental packages for you to explore on your own.


  • Permitted Guided Tours for skilled riders.
  • Technical Singletrack for advanced riders.
  • Latest model plated Beta X-Trainer 300cc 2-strokes for Rent.
  • Suzuki DR 650 Dual Sport Models for Dual Sport rides for Rent.

Rocky Mountain Offroad Tours
offers premium Guided Singletrack tours on the Rainbow Trail and Dual Sport trips in and around Salida, Colorado. Whatever comes to your mind can be organized by true professionals.

The Rocky Mountain Off Road Tours Team
will make all your expectations come true. We are prepared to offer you everything you need so that your stay in the High Country will be a truly extraordinary and safe experience.

We came to life,
thanks to the simple necessity of sharing the unthinkable beauties offered by the Rocky Mountains to those who crave adventure.

Guides, Dirt Bike Rental, Jeep Rental, Transportation, Accommodations, Meals, Logistics, Service & Entertainment
are just a few elements through which the Rocky Mountain Off Road Tours Team can make your adventure an Epic experience that must be shared with friends.

Enjoy the breathtaking contrasts of this unique country. We can take care of your Comfort, Safety and all Logistics.

Forget the illusions of touristic attractions in the glossy travel catalogues and saddle up your steel-horse as you discover the real Rocky Mountains – the parts most tourists never see –
and allow yourself a well-deserved challenge where you can go with us for a unique and unforgettable Rocky Mountain Off-road adventure.

The Rainbow Trail


  • Guides
  • Hot Springs
  • Singletrack Trails
  • Rockhounding
  • Rental Motorcycles or Jeeps
  • Prospecting
  • Dual Sport Adventure
  • Rafting
  • The Continental Divide Trails
  • Fly Fishing
  • Drop Off and Pick Up, if riding your own Un-Plated Motorcycle Lodging
  • Ziplining
  • Logistics
  • Overnight Singletrack & Dual Sport Rides
  • Meals
  • Luggage & Fuel Portage

Guided one day offroad tour packages start at $179 / day for 4 or more if your riding your own motorcycle for an epic Singletrack ride and include a guide and Lunch. (Prices subject to change)

2 Day Overnight Singletrack rides on the Rainbow Trail to Cutty’s Resort on Hayden Pass and Return to Salida all offroad. These Tours include Lodging, 3 Meals, Luggage & Fuel Portage, Support and full use of the Resort. Extra mileage Singletrack is possible from Cutty’s Resort.

6 or more riders will include 2 Guides and could be split into 2 groups.

Compare the costs to Ski Lift tickets or a Fishing Guide.

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